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Hello, and welcome to the SDC Concrete Construction home page!

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I would like to introduce you to my company, SDC Concrete Construction. We have been in business 33 years as a closely managed company of 80 employees specializing in the commercial , retail, government , schools, residential, and multi occupancy phases of American Institute of Architecture sections 003300, and 002200 work.
Our scope of work includes footings, pile caps, grade beams, foundation walls, Piers, columns, elevated flat slabs, slab on deck, and slab on grade construction. In addition to providing and performing all formwork, we install all reinforcing steel, handle secondary engineering and complete the entire placing and finishing operations.

The Multi occupancy & residential phases of our work includes not only the entire building foundation and slabs but all types of slab on grade construction (sidewalks, patios, walls etc. ) coupled with architectural finishes such as colored, stamped, acid etched, and exposed aggrgate finishes. We handle all grade work, spoils disposal, traffic control, clean up, and restoration.

We achieve quality production by combining a turn-key approach to foundation and building packages, hands on project management, and considerable experience!

Charles Naser, President

Concrete Construction
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Kennesaw GA. 30144  USA

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